Accepted 12/30/04  Username/Signature sections added 5/3/06

This agreement is effective at registration for new members, and is otherwise effective on January 1, 2005 for all users. If you do not agree to abide by these policies, you will be limited to public access areas of the site. You will not be able to participate in purchases. 


a) The total number of enrolled members will be noted at the start of the vote. A proposed measure, in order to pass, will require that a vote of greater than 50% of the total number of enrolled members noted at the start of the vote, vote yes. (note: as per previous membership vote, the vote on incorporation will still require a 2/3 majority for that specific measure to pass, as well as a 21-day opportunity to vote.) 

b) Or when, after a one-week opportunity has passed, greater than 50% of those who have voted, vote yes. This will require that at least 20% of the total number of enrolled members at the start of the vote, have voted. 

c) Two weeks prior to the vote, notice of the vote will be posted on the Site. Additionally, a mass private message will be sent to all members notifying them of the vote. 

d) In addition to the above, the requirement for passage will increase to 66.7%, of the total membership, if the voting regards overturning a previously approved measure. The amended terms will be posted prominently on the Site for 30 days. All amended terms shall automatically be effective by 30 days after passage of the vote. 

e) Most votes will be conducted by a simple poll on the site. As deemed necessary by the administrative group, a vote may also occur in chat room format or by a signed post on a designated forum if it is conducted in a manner meeting the intent of the above language. 

2. POSTING: We encourage open, and respectful participation and communication between all members. Posts should not be misleading, libelous, profane, discriminatory, threatening or contain any viruses, Trojan horses, or other programming that may damage the site. No copyrighted material may be posted without the expressed permission of the author. No commercial advertising will be permitted. We reserve the right to delete or edit posts that are not, in our sole discretion, in the spirit of these basic values. There is no appeal process when posts are deleted. 


a) Bidders: The right to bid is limited to member homeroasters. Co-op purchases are for personal use only and resale of these products for any purpose is expressly prohibited. Bids should be in 5# increments. At their discretion, the distributor may change the bidding increment. A bid that "finishes the bag" can be placed in any increment. Bids should not be retractable, although the distributor does have discretion. Your bid entitles you to your share of the complete contents of the bag. That may include contents other than coffee (stones, dust and sundry creatures). The distributor is acting as a volunteer repackager. Members will not hold distributors liable for shipping problems or bean conditions. There is no guarantee or warranty associated with these services. 

b) Distributors: The distributors should take care to ensure accuracy in the posting of offerings. They should ensure the lot numbers of the coffee delivered are consistent with the lot numbers cupped. If a bag arrives with a lower weight than expected, (due to damage in transit etc.) the distributor should give preference to the earliest bids placed. Distributors are volunteers. It is impossible for to guarantee the services of any distributor. By using this Site, you agree to accept such risks. Please use caution, common sense, and practice safe trading when using the Site. At we strive for the highest levels of quality and integrity within this web site. Without limiting any other remedies, the site will immediately terminate the membership of anyone suspected of fraudulent activity in connection with the Site. 

4. FEES: There are no dues nor fees for membership. The bidder will be responsible for all shipping costs to ship the coffee from distributor to bidder. In addition, our volunteer distributors will assess a seperate co-op fee for coffee purchases as follows: $4.00 (U.S. Dollars) for the first pound, and $0.50 per pound thereafter. (note: If ordering two or more origins from one distributor, the fee only applies once.) If an additional product is offered (like coffee bags) the fees for that transaction will be specified in the offering. The intent of the fee is to re-imburse the distributors for incurred expenses such as bags, boxes, gas and paypal fees. It is not intended to generate a net profit. In the unlikely event a net profit is generated, it is the clear expectation of that the distributor will be responsible to comply with any and/or all IRS regulations. 

5. PAYMENT: Payment is required within one week of the distributor's request for payment. If payment is not received in this period, (including non-communication) the member's bid for the coffee lapses and the coffee will be offered to the next person who bid on that coffee. If there are no other bids, the coffee will be relisted for bids. 

6. PRIVACY: We will use your personal information to communicate with you and properly ship your coffee. This may include a mass e-mail from us. Please make sure your information is accurate, and continuously updated. We will not sell or rent e-mail addresses or personal information. Spam will not be tolerated. 

7. MEMBERSHIP: If a member has not logged in during the previous 180 days, they will no longer be considered an active member. Re-registration will be required to reactivate their membership. 

8. USERNAMES: Each person can only have one username - each member is allowed only one login account. Registering with multiple email accounts is not allowed. If a user is found to be using multiple aliases then all accounts will be banned. Individuals requiring a second account must get pre-approval from the administrator. 

You must have a valid email address - a valid email is required to register and it is incumbent upon all members to keep their profile current. Invalid emails cause us a lot of headaches when users don't remember their password or check on the "notify me when a reply is posted" option. If your account generates email bounceback, your account will be reset to Users awaiting email confirmation in order to force the user to update their user profile. 

Members found to be using multiple usernames will be banned from the forums. 

No obscene or offensive usernames - we reserve the right to not allow a username that might be deemed offensive. In addition, usernames that contain obscene language, denigrate individuals and/or organizations will not be tolerated and the user banned. This includes usernames such as CompanyA_sucks or S%^head. 

Commercial Usernames - usernames that are designed to point to a particular website are not allowed - For example: if you have a website called I sell stuff then you cannot have a username such as . 

Usernames beginning or ending with special characters (the ones about the numbers in a typical QWERTY keyboard) or spaces will be disallowed. 

9. SIGNATURES: Use of Signatures - signatures are allowed on the forum however they may not contain images and should be kept to two lines and not make use of distracting or oversized fonts . In addition, they may NOT contain text or links to commercial enterprises, affiliate programs, religious and/or political organizations and causes.

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